About Istanbul
About Istanbul
About Istanbul

Climate of İstanbul

The residents of İstanbul enjoy all four seasons. The city has a temperate climate with extremely hot and humid summers and cold, wet, snowy winters. Humidity is generally high which can make temperatures feel much warmer or colder than they actually are. Snowfall is quite common. It usually snows several times in winter; sometimes it is very light but it can also be very heavy paralyzing the city for days. It is most likely to occur between the months of December and March. The weather is slightly colder towards eastern İstanbul. The city is quite windy, having an average wind speed of 17 km/h (11 mph).

Average High

Month (ºC) (ºF) Month (ºC) (ºF)
Jan 8 46 Jul 28 82
Feb 9 48 Aug 28 82
Mar 11 52 Sep 25 77
Apr 17 63 Oct 19 66
May 21 70 Nov 15 59
Jun 26 79 Dec 11 52

Average annual temperature: 13.7°C (56.6 °F)

Coldest month: February 5°C (41°F)

Hottest months: July – August 22 – 23°C (72-74°F)

Average annual precipitation: 691mm (27 inches)

Average snowy days: 7