Eligibility and Selection Criteria:

  • Must be a full time registered student at one of the degree programs in BAU in any level of education (Undergraduate /Masters /PHD)  (Officially graduated students cannot apply.)
  • If participated in the Erasmus mobility before, with this new application, the attendance period must not exceed 12 months.
  • Students who are doing double major are able to select 1 of their majors and apply with that.CRITERIAS

    • Academic Performance (CGPA): 50% (out of 100) – default for all applicants
    • Foreign Language Score: 50% (out of 100) – default for all applicants
    • Child of martyrs or war veterans (Has to be documented): +15 points
    • Students who have been under protection by 2828 Social Services Law. The proving documents must be submitted to the online application system during the application period. (Proving document has to be obtained from Ministry Of Family And Social Policies): +10 points
    • Disabled students, on condition for the disability to be documented.: +10 points
    • Had previously taken part in a Erasmus+ program (with or without grant): -10 points for each
    • Going for mobility at a country where holds citizenship :-10 points

  • Students who had been selected before to participate to an Erasmus mobility but did not cancel before the announced cancellation deadline: -10 points
  • Candidates who applied simultaneously for two activities within the same application call (the student will sign a petition regarding her/his decision on from which application the deduction will be applied): -10 points
  • Stating attendance to the Erasmus English Exam and not participating without any excuse: -5 points

The quotas are determined per faculty not per departments or programs. For example; if you are studying Economics, you will be listed in your faculty regardless of your department and if your faculty has 10 quotas, first 10 students with highest score in the faculty will be entitled to participate in the program.


  • Student will be notified as a nominee student to the partner university after s/he has secured a place to participate in exchange program. The exchange of the student will be assured after the approval of nomination by partner university. However, in the following application process, partner university has the right to cancel the application of student because of any reason.
  • If the student withdraws from mobility because of any reason after nomination, student will lose his/her priority for all the further exchange programs provided by BAU for the rest of his/her education period.