Grant winners recieve grants (financial support) according to the scale mentioned below and according to the dates mentioned on their letters of acceptance issued by partner university.

In any case, regarding 2022-2023 Erasmus mobilities, the grants can not be paid and processed before mid of fall 2022 (for exp. even If your traineeship starts in June 2022, you will recieve your grant not before than mid of fall 2022. This is because the legal procedures with the grant provider (Turkish National Agency) and official requirements will not have been completed before mid of fall 2022. Other than this, it is planned that program winners recieve their grants one week before their program start- at latest.


  • In accordance with the 2nd article of Social Assistance and Solidarity Law dated 29.05.1989 and numbered 3294, students (or their parents) who are financially supported under this law can benefit from additional grant amount of 100,00 Euros per month. To do apply this, they are required to present the official statement of income from their registered social security governmental branch.
  • Students for whom protection, care or accommodation decision has been taken within the scope of Child Protection Law No. 5395
  • Those who are subject to Law No. 2828 (Those who have a protection, care or shelter decision by the Ministry of Family and Social Services pursuant to Law No. 2828)
  • Those who do not have other parent income and receive an orphan’s pension.
  • Martyr/Veteran children
  • Those who are granted a needy pension for themselves or their families (the student is entitled to receive financial support from Municipalities, public institutions and organizations (Ministry, Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations, General Directorate of Foundations, Kızılay, AFAD) proving that he or she received financial support at the time of their Erasmus+ application. It is sufficient to submit the document.)
  • Disabled people.
  • Students who have one of their parents or their guardians, who are over 65, and who receive disability or needy pension within the scope of the Law No. 2022, dated 01.07.1976 on Pensions for Needy, Powerless and Orphaned Turkish Citizens and Disabled and Needy Turkish Citizens.
  • Students who meet the above scope can be provided with an additional grant of 250 Euros per month upon their request. Students must document this situation. Every request will be consulted by our office with the Turkish National Agency and their approval will be obtained.

Inclusion Support

To ensure that a person whose individual physical, mental or health-related conditions are such that his/her participation in Erasmus+ would not be possible without extra financial support can take full advantage of European mobility arrangements, Erasmus+ pays particular attention to guidance, reception, physical accessibility, pedagogical and technical support services, and, especially, financing the extra costs.

Students who plan to apply for special needs support must submit their application to the Erasmus+ Office before their mobility. The applications must include a statement from an official authority confirming the disability or health condition, its severity, the impact on the Erasmus+ mobility, additional requirements and additional costs. Estimated costs are required at the time of application.