Partner Universities & Programs
Partner Universities & Programs
Partner Universities & Programs

World Exchange Partner Universities

Unlike Erasmus+ Study program, World Exchange agreements are not based on a specific department or study field. The agreements cover all the academic programs offered at the partner university. Thus applicants are required to check on their website and see If there are programs fitting their departments at BAU.

Most important parts:

If there is a program offered at your level of program (Undergraduate and/or Graduate program- Master rogram)

If there is language certificate required (so that you can arrange that before it is too late)

If the location is fine

If the university offers accommodation options

If the academic program you want to get registered is applicable for exchange students

In addition to these, you should check the admission rules and acceptance policy for exchange and internatonal students at your preferences. * Feel free to send them an email for details by introducing yourself as a student of BAU.