Outgoing Students
Outgoing Students
Outgoing Students


Application Period: **

English Proficiency Test: **

*Time and place is to be announced later for the exam.

Selection Criteria:

  • The student must have satisfactorily completed his/her 1st semester on the 1st year at the university.
  • Minimum GPA: Undergraduate Students: 2.2 out of 4.00 / Master Students: 2.5 out of 4.00
  • Two things are considered in the selection: Your GPA is %50 effective and The English Proficiency Exam Result is %50 effective.
  • Student must not be in debt to the library, financial affairs or any other branches.
  • Graduate students who finish their courses or are in their thesis term should contact and get approval from their academic coordinators before they apply. Besides, students should find their advisors from receiving university and get academic approval from BAU regarding his/her thesis plan.


  • Student will be notified as a nominee student to the partner university after s/he has secured a place to participate in exchange program. The exchange program of the student will be assured after the approval of nomination by partner university. However, in the following application process, partner university has the right to reject the application of student because of any reason.
  • If the student withdraws from exchange program because of any reason after s/he has secured a right to participate and is nominated to the partner university, student will lose his/her priority for all the further exchange programs provided by BAU for the rest of his/her education period.

Application Period:

Application Procedure Step by Step

You are supposed to determine 5 university preferences. Before deciding on any university preference, every applicant has to find out if a relevant program is being offered at that university. It is not possible to change the preferences after placement.

  1. Contact with your Academic Coordinator and get approval about course coherence and resemblance of academic program between universities.
  2. Complete your pre-application in online application system. You are supposed to upload your Transcript to the system during pre-application. Select World Exchange> Student> Outgoing during the pre-application. Then choose ‘Education’ as your program type.
  3. After completing your preregistration, wait for your application status to be updated as “In the process”.
  4. When application status is updated as “In the process” by BAU Exchange Office, print the application form and sign it. It is not obligatory to have your application form to be signed by your academic coordinator.
  5. Upload your signed application form to the online system. (Documents can only be uploaded in PDF format.)
  6. Application status of applicant who completed the process will be updated as “Application Completed”. Only the applications with this status will be evaluated.
  7. After application is completed, take the English Proficiency Test. Date and location of the exam will be announced by Exchange Programs Office via e-mail and at the website.


Application Procedure (Partner University) (After being announced as winner)

Students who have secured a place for an exchange program are being nominated to the university they have won by BAU Exchange Programs. After this point, responsibility of the application and approval process at the partner university completely belongs to the students.

  1. Exchange Programs Winners’ list is announced on our website within 10 days after English Proficiency Test. Besides, you can check your application status at the online system.
  2. Orientation program including further steps in detail is held by BAU Exchange Programs with expected participation of academic coordinators. Attendance is mandatory. Nonattendance will cause cancellation of the program and 5 points will be deducted from future applications of students with such behavior.
  3. When application documents demanded by receiving university are completed by the student, they will be posted by BAU Exchange Office, if necessary. Most of the time the application at partner university is online.