Application Procedure Step by Step

  • In order to be able to apply, please read carefully all the information on this guideline and check all the announcements made by the Erasmus Office regularly.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to submit a correct application.
  • Applications will be done through the KION online system between February 24th, 2022 17:00 pm – March 25nd, 2022, 17:00 pm.
  • Students should apply within this application call for participating the mobility Fall Semester, Spring Semester or Full Academic Year during 2022-2023 Academic Year. 

****Applications will be collected for 1 semester only (fall or spring). Students who wish to study for both of the semesters must apply for fall semester and must be placed for fall semester. After getting officially eligible to attend the university for the fall semester, they are able to request the extension of their stay to the second semester.

IMPORTANT: Official announcements will be made on the BAU Erasmus website and students will be contacted via their email address regardless of the given email addresses on the Erasmus+ application. Checking the BAU email address for announcements and information is the students’ responsibility. Changes can be made on the announcement due to renewal agreement period.Therefore, please check the announcement carefully and regularly and if you have any questions, contact us via

Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

  • For undergraduate students minimum CGPA of 2.20/4.00
  • For graduate and PHD students minimum CGPA of 2.50/4.00
  • The CGPA displayed on the student system at the time you apply will be valid when you apply to the program. Depending on when you’re applying (if during the semester is ongoing or after the final exams are announced), your CGPA may change and therefore your CGPA may seem different depending on the time you’re applying.
  • Submitting CGPA is mandatory for all students who would like to apply for Erasmus. If students have sufficient language proficiency but not the sufficient CGPA are not able to apply.
  • Students who are applying from graduate or PhD but do not own a GPA from BAU yet, are able to apply with their undergraduate graduation GPA if minimum 2.50/4.00 or above
  • For double major and minor students, CGPA is valid.

    Students that would like to apply to Erasmus+ mobility should obtain a score of minimum B2 from the language exams.

    Students are expected to choose from the options below in order to present their required language score:

    Valid language proficiency documents are:

    • Erasmus+ Language Score obtained in 2 years:
    • Minimum 60/100 for English taught department
    • Minimum 50/100 for Turkish taught department
    • Erasmus+ Language Score obtained in April 5th, 2022:
    • Minimum 60/100 for English taught department
    • Minimum 50/100 for Turkish taught department

Screenshots are not valid as language proficiency documents. Students who upload screenshots instead of official documents will be eliminated.

If the submitted language proficient document’s score and the score submitted on the online platform do not match, the application will be eliminated.

Even if your native language is English, you must prove it with a document.

If you attended an Erasmus language exam before and you want to get the result of that, please contact.  School of Foreign Languages.

If students submit one type of language proficiency to the online application, they cannot change it afterwards


  • To log-in to the online system, you have to use the credentials of your e-mail address and password.
  • If you have completed the pre-application step before, you can directly log in to the system using your e-mail address and password

Documents That Should Be Uploaded on KION

  • You are obliged to upload your signed transcript of records
  • Signed application form (should be upload the KION system )
  • Copy of score report of a valid language proficiency exam (should be uploaded to the KION online application system and the score must be entered spceficically.)  (Students who do not know the exact date of their exam can enter the correct year and a random day and month.)

The information submitted at the online application cannot be changed afterwards. Therefore, the validity of all information submitted on the form (personal info, university preferences, the semester you would like to attend etc.) must be approved by you as you are finishing the application.

Students are supposed to determine max. 5 university preferences. Before determining their preferences, every applicant has to search for application process and course coherence in the “Erasmus Incoming” website of the partner universities. It is not possible to change the preferences after placement.

In order for the application to be validated, it has to be terminated by clicking the “Finish application process” button. Applications not finalized and submitted to the Erasmus Office with the signed application form will be considered invalid. 

Students whose applications are not accepted due to any reason will be further informed by e-mail.

Regardless of the “Pending” status of the documents on KION, the instructions above must be followed and completed.


  • Having sufficient remaining ECTS load for the semester/academic year of the mobility and transferring those credits that are obtained at the partner university upon completion of the mobility.
  • 30 ECTS for a semester, 60 ECTS for full academic year
  • Students who have failed courses from previous years can apply for Erasmus Exchange Programs for Studies. However, they must take in to consideration the rules and regulations of their own faculty/major which may be an obstacle for their participation to the program.


  1. Contact with your Academic Coordinator and get approval about course relevance and coherence of academic programs between universities.
  2. Complete your pre-registration in online application system ( You are supposed to upload your Transcript to the system during pre-application. Select ‘Erasmus> Student> Outgoing Student’ during the pre-application. Then choose ‘Education’ as your program type.
  3. After completing your preregistration, wait for your application status to be updated as “In the process”.
  4. When application status is updated as “In the process” by BAU Exchange Office, print the application form and have it signed by your academic coordinator. Form must be signed by applicant, as well.
  5. Upload your signed application form to the online system. (Documents can only be uploaded in PDF format.)
  6. Succesful applications will be updated as “Application Completed”. Only the applications with this status will be evaluated.

May you have questions, please send an email to