Placement Offers
Placement Offers
Placement Offers

Brief Information About Suitable Internship Places:

Any public or private sector institution located in one of the countries where internship mobility can be realized, in the labor market or in the field of education, training, youth research and development can be an internship place. Although there is no limiting list, the place where the participant will do the internship should be related to the education that he/she has received. Participants also can search internship places from the links below.

Examples of Internship Places:

  • Small, medium or large enterprises owned by a public or private sector
  • Local, regional or national public institutions
  • Embassies or consulates of the sending country abroad
  • All kinds of formations and unions belonging to the business world such as chambers of commerce, tradesmen-crafts unions, stock markets and unions
  • Research institutes
  • Foundations
  • School/institute/education center (can be any educational institution from pre-school to high school, including vocational or adult education)
  • Non-profit organizations, associations, non-governmental organizations
  • Institutions providing career planning, professional consultancy and information services
  • Higher education institutions (These institutions must have ECHE)

ECHE: Accreditation document regarding the principles, rules and quality standards that higher education institutions undertake to comply with within the scope of Erasmus+ Higher Education student and staff mobility.

The following organizations below that offer higher education internship activities within the scope of Erasmus+ are not acceptable:

  • European Union institutions and European Union Agencies
  • National Agency carrying out European Union programs etc. pennies.

You can check optional Erasmus+ Traineeship offers from the links below:

ATTENTION: These traineeship offers’ quality is not guaranteed or reviewed by BAU Exchange Office. Applicants who are considering these options have the full responsibility and should get in touch with them and ask for details.