Visa Application
Visa Application
Visa Application

The PDFs below the page are the updated version of the required documents for the visa process for different countries. Documents that are written in these PDFs are valid for every visa application, but some consulates can add or ask more documents from the participant. The required documents for visa application for each country can change in time so please make sure to get in contact with the consulate of the country you are going to do your traineeship.

Before going to your visa application please don’t forget to inform the staff responsible in our office in order to check the required documents for your visa application.

Finally, the participants are responsible for the visa application process. Participants must check the websites of the consulates for the country they are planning to do their traineeship in. BAU Exchange Office is not responsible with the visa application process for any country.

If the Erasmus+ Traineeship process is going to be above the 90 days, the participant must apply for a national visa in order to do the traineeship. For more information participants should get in contact with the country’s consulate.

Visa Applications Subject to Turkish Citizens: click here

Consulate Processes: click here

The PDFs:

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